Useful Properties of May Honey

Scientists note that people who are engaged in beekeeping, are distinguished by their longevity and are less likely to suffer from various diseases.

This is not an accident, because everything that bees produce, from propolis to honey, is good for our health, both in the form of medicine and for prevention.

Even bee venom is used to treat various diseases, especially those associated with the organs of motion.

Beekeepers usually pump honey 2-3 times during the summer season, and, according to most experts, the most useful honey is the first pitching. The fact is that in the spring there is an intensive flowering of plants, from which bees collect medicinal nectar. The use of honey in a small amount raises immunity, raises vitality, and also rejuvenates the cells of the body, which prevents the process of its aging.

This is not to mention that this product is one of the most effective remedies during colds. The best time to use it in the first half of the day, while it is worth remembering that when heated, honey does not, only loses its useful properties, but it can also do harm.

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