Useful properties of kefir

06101620If you ask any dietitian about which product is the most beneficial to the health of our intestines, the list TOP5 necessarily present kefir.

This fermented milk drink is so useful for our body that regular use of it can greatly improve the digestive system, as well as to protect themselves from most of the problems.

The main beneficial properties of kefir:

It is a completely natural product without GMO and without chemicals;
• It is easily absorbed by the body;
• Improves the gastric microflora and normalizes its work;
• Helps in the treatment of constipation and bloating;
• Helps to make the bones stronger;
• Relieves inflammatory processes in the intestine.

In order to maintain their health, doctors recommend daily drinking before bed 1 cup of yogurt. This will help save you from problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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