Useful Properties of Honey

05111620Nowadays it is very difficult to find food of natural origin without various additives.

Even the usual meat has in its composition hazardous substances, because for fattening cattle, many use a variety of growth promoters. One of the natural products is the honey, because the bees will never collect nectar from fields treated with nitrates.

On the beneficial properties of honey is known for a long time, and it can be used not only for the treatment of many diseases, but also used in cosmetics. Due to its antiseptic data he is very good at the time of colds.

To protect yourself from colds need to improve their immunity, and this will help you honey, to use it in moderation. After the use of this product carbohydrates contained therein, are absorbed into the blood for 8 minutes.

During gastric diseases honey can help relieve inflammation and improve digestion. It can also be used as a sedative, it is necessary teaspoon honey added to a glass of warm milk.

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