Useful not only Nuts, but their Walls

23092012The fact that walnuts not only delicious, but also very useful to all known. Thanks to magnesium and calcium, which are contained in the product in large quantities, nuts help to strengthen the heart, as well as an excellent means to combat excess weight and thyroid disease. To do this, you need to eat every day for 2-3 nuts. Receiving core, shell and baffle walnuts, you usually throw away, but in vain.

It turns out, these membranes have not fewer nutrients than they are nuts. The fact that they contain large amounts of iodine, the lack of which can occur in the body such diseases as cancer, thyroid cancer, uterine, mental disorders. Moreover, people who lack of iodine, more susceptible to colds, therefore, be taken broth prepared with baffles. To do this: ¼ cup walls pour a glass of cold water and boil for about 10 minutes over low heat. Drinking this decoction should be three times a day before meals.

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