Use Late Childbirth

1911162The good news came from the University of California for those women who are not in a hurry to have a baby.

As the US study, girls who managed to give birth to her first, and of the long-awaited baby after 25 years, a chance to meet a very old age much more than those who gave birth earlier this year.

After all, the emotional state of the woman is ready to perceive the idea that her life is now completely different. As young people today prefer to build a career, and then acquire the family and offspring, the news may come like modern women. If you give birth to a child after 25 years, the chance to live up to nearly a hundred years abroad have increased by about 10-11 percent. Sounds great, is not it? Please provide a decent retirement financially, and only then start a family. But we should not deceive ourselves and conceal much hope.

Doctors still do not give advice greatly delayed childbearing. Known by all the fact that a woman’s fertility tends to decrease with increasing years lived a woman, and the chance of getting pregnant decreases with age. It is best for women who had to give birth for the first time from 25 to 29 years. We hasten to reassure all the beautiful female representatives who have decided to give birth after three decades abroad. Your opportunity to live to a hundred years, still higher than those who gave birth in their teens.

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