Unusual Facts About Sex?

14111625Are you sure that is well versed in sex?

In this case, we are ready to present to your attention some interesting features and characteristics that few people realize:

1. Sexual desire in women hormones form. Many people think that sexual desire in women is formed by the senses and feelings to a partner. In fact, the underlying factor in this case is a hormonal surge.
2. The G-spot has a different layout. Physiological characteristics of the female body is such that the location of the G-spot may differ. In addition, if the stimulation of this point is wrong, then you are likely to get the pain instead of the desired pleasure.
3. Sport improves sex. This applies to both men and women. Trained muscles of the vagina in women actively help stimulate the male penis, which improves mutual pleasure. Men who are actively involved in sports, have a more stable and powerful erections, which helps improve the quality of sex.

Use this knowledge in the right direction, and you will significantly improve your love life by making it brighter and more saturated.

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