Unique banana diet

06101622Bananas – a very useful product for our health.

In their composition contains a large amount of useful elements and vitamins that nourish our bodies. But few people know that bananas are an effective fat burner, if properly use them.

The fact that the composition contains a large number of banana fiber and potassium. These substances are very useful to those who decided to lose weight. The fiber in bananas helps to normalize the metabolism and actively burn calories obtained. As for potassium, its useful property is that it is a good cleaner and quickly removes from the body toxins. It is no secret that many people who use low-calorie diet, are often faced with the problem of constipation. If the banana will be present in the diet, then the problem is you are not afraid.

In addition, many of today a three-day practice extreme diet. Its feature is you within 3 days should eat only bananas 9 (3 per day) and drinking 9 cups of yogurt (3 per day). As a result, due to bowel cleansing and excretion of toxins from different it is possible to lose weight well.

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