Unexpected Properties of Female Sexuality

Men appreciate a little differently attractive and sexy women’s bodies than women themselves.

For this reason, some of the characteristics mentioned male sexual attractiveness of women, cause some surprise.

According to a public opinion poll, many men call rather unusual features of the female body, which is considered a sign of sexuality.

For example, careless hairstyle or messy hair. According to the men, women without hair styles are sexier than a woman with beautiful styling. In addition, a lot of guys say that they find very sexy tummy presence of a small woman. It is not surprising, but the ideal and sporty female body is not so much excites men, as having little fat in the abdomen.

As for the makeup, the main mass of the men say that they like to have sex with a woman in the morning, because there is no make-up. In addition, if a woman wears glasses, it is another factor that has a positive effect on its attractiveness in men.

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