Twins Can Live Longer Than Others

American scientists managed to prove that the people who were born together, meaning twins, under the same conditions can live longer than other people.

The main reasons for this is that they have a slight difference DNA, therefore, one with the disease, the second immune to the disease.

Also, throughout the life of these couples are trying to take care of each other, no matter where they are. Psychologists say that the twins there is a kind of relationship, so that they can insure each other during any hazards.

Despite this, the Twins longevity, also affects the lifestyle that they lead, because if a person is involved in sports, eats useful products and is often in the open air, it does not have to be a twin to survive for many years. But most importantly, it is to be optimistic as you can pay more attention to the hobby, because, according to experts, it is the emotional state plays the most important role for our health.

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