Turn Off Wi-Fi During Sleep

1409201615It is difficult to imagine how it is possible to do without a mobile phone. Most of us will not part with him around the clock, even going to bed, leave it next to him, not knowing that it is a very detrimental effect on health. As mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves, it breaks the rhythm of the heart, which adversely affects the healthy sleep.

But not only phones are dangerous to our health, but also to other electronic equipment, which is in the room to sleep, so they are encouraged to switch off at night. Many people use a mobile as an alarm clock, but, as at this time it is connected to the main station, it is better to change it to a regular alarm clock. But such a device as a Wi-Fi, harm more than a mobile phone, so do not forget to turn it off at night.

Of course, the mobile phone is very useful because, from anywhere you can connect to different callers, but, at the same time we should not forget that it is not recommended for a long time to talk.

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