Try to Abandon the Consumption of Pork

From that which products often present on your desk, affects not only the health, but also on mood.

Some people prefer to eat only plant foods, completely abandoning the animal. Most nutritionists believe that in order for a person did not arise a number of diseases, the menu should be present fats and proteins at the same time, you should prefer seafood, vegetables and fruits.

For example, the Spanish are characterized by their longevity because their diet consists mainly of fish and healthy meats. As for the meat, then one of the most harmful of these products is pork, because it contains not only a large amount of cholesterol, clogging our vessels, but also a number of other substances that negatively affect the work of many organs.

Frequent consumption of pork, especially fried, causing liver damage at the level of alcohol abuse. Therefore, choosing a meat, prefer veal, poultry, especially turkey, which, as well as rabbit meat, refers to dietary varieties.

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