Try as Little as Possible Watching TV

02121617In our days, when in addition to television sets were computers, tablets and smartphones, the majority of people, especially children and young people, almost all of their free time spend at their screens.

American scientists have long been able to prove that watching TV negatively affects human health, especially on the psychological state.

As a result of studies have shown that those people who are more than 5 hours a day watching TV, especially news, suffer irritability, nervousness and irascibility. In addition, they have reduced memory and worsening of brain function, because it is only able to receive the information.

The electromagnetic waves that emit almost all domestic appliances, adversely affect the operation of cardiac system and can cause serious illness. Therefore, if you do not want to get you and your kids suffer from such ailments, often try to go outdoors by arranging a variety of games, especially now that there is opportunity to buy any sports equipment.

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