Travel a Positive Effect on Brain Function

Nowadays more and more popular it becomes active, it is meant hiking.

Some families gather in groups and sent to rest in the country, where they live in tents, cook over a fire, to give pleasure for a few days.

Recently, scientists have proven that those people who are more often in the open air, not only to restore power and get a charge of vivacity, but also improves the function of the brain. This is because being close to nature, people tend to think less about the problems, therefore, there is, so to speak, a reboot of the brain. No wonder fishermen who can sit for hours at the pond, hoping to catch a big fish, almost do not notice the time.

In order to have a good time with health benefits, you do not have to wait for holidays, because it is possible to devote the weekend by organizing train out of town on bicycles. During the winter season you can go into the woods on skis, where at this time you can admire the fabulous nature.

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