Tomatoes Help Smooth Out Wrinkles

03111627Tomato – is not just a pizza or salad ingredient, but also a means to rejuvenate the body.

As a result of recent studies, scientists from Germany, came to the conclusion that the consumption of tomatoes helps to significantly improve the condition of the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

As a result of studies have shown that tomatoes have different vitamins and antioxidants that are getting into the body, providing a comprehensive anti-aging effect. First of all, it concerns the improvement of the color and structure of the skin, wrinkles and removing the inflammatory processes. In addition, it is tomatoes can protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of sunlight and maintain normal skin moisture.

At the same time, scientists are convinced that tomatoes are not a complete substitute for cosmetics and creams, so it is best to combine these products, rather than replace each other.

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