To Work or not after Retirement?

020920164Many citizens who have exhausted their employment history, thinking about how to go on vacation, or to continue working. Some of them dream of that in retirement, will have more free time, which can be given to their grandchildren or go to travel, so they look forward to the moment when they stop work activity. Therefore, the question always arises, to go on a holiday or having retired to continue working.

According to statistics, people who retired the first time, feel more free, as a result, his health improved, but after a short period of time, it gets worse. This is due to the fact that, after leaving from work, people feel unclaimed, denied the opportunity to communicate with the team, but the lack of an active lifestyle leads to poor health. Those pensioners who continue to work, on the contrary, characterized by cheerfulness, optimism and good health.

Therefore, if you have enough health, you do not hurry to conduct a passive way of life, and continue to work, all the more so, financial condition plays an unimportant role.

Listen carefully to your body and analyze all the data. After that, make a decision.

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