To whom the Solarium is Contraindicated

Nowadays it is very popular not only to apply tattoos on the body, especially among young people, but also to have a summer tan, and at any time of the year.

This may indicate that some people believe that having a tanned body in the winter is an indicator of financial success, because not everyone can afford frequent visits to the solarium, not to mention trips to hot countries.

However, visiting the solarium is not always justified, because not all people are suitable. It is especially not recommended to perform such procedures for people who have various diseases related to cardiac activity, because there have been cases of severe attacks.

If there is often a high blood pressure, then it is better to buy a tonometer to control it, and you need to forget about visiting the solarium until better times, when it is normalized. The same goes for people with various skin conditions, because exposure to ultraviolet rays can complicate the situation and lead to very undesirable consequences.

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