To Small Children Not Desirable To Use Tablet

In our time it is difficult to imagine any person who does not have a mobile phone, and as for children and teenagers, almost all of them have tablets, smartphones with which some spend almost all their free time.

A large flow of information, various games, correspondence with friends in social networks is so enthralling that already there is the same dependence as on alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

There are cases when, having lost a smartphone, teenagers start hysterical, leading to a psychological breakdown, to get rid of which you need inpatient treatment. Scientists from the UK have proved that using the tablet for a long time, significantly reduces the sleep time in children, which negatively affects their development.

In addition, lack of sleep triggers the emergence of very serious diseases that can occur in a few years. It is especially difficult for children to fall asleep, because they are under the impression of the information received.

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