To Improve Memory Eat Chocolate

01121613Man is designed so that every day should eat, but not all products are useful, that can not be said about the chocolate.

Yes, this is the sweetness of the harm and the beneficial properties of which have long debated nutritionists.

Yet, the benefits of chocolate has been proven after the study, the results of which became known from the journal Science Direct, which was featured in the spring of this year.

What the scientists found out during the experiment? It turns out that because of its beneficial properties, chocolate helps overcome depression, improves the tone of the body, but the most important thing is that it has a positive effect on the brain.

As we all know, chocolate is made from cocoa, which include flavanols. These substances beneficial effect on the brain, resulting in improving human memory even in adulthood.

For this reason, experts recommend eating chocolate, but this does not mean that it is necessary to lean on him, and there on the tile at a time, rather than once a week. It should be taken into account that considered most useful varieties of dark chocolate, since it contains more than cocoa.

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