Tips for Those Who Love the Sauna

Nowadays more and more popular is a sauna, which is not surprising, because, nor any water treatment, whether it is a bath or shower, can not give such a positive effect.

Many people love to visit this place, especially in winter, when coming in from the cold, you find yourself in the steam room, which can not only warm, but also give your body health.

Useful properties saunas lies in the fact that due to sudden changes in temperature, there is hardening, the body gets rid of toxins, besides, improves skin condition.

However, in spite of all its medicinal properties, being in the sauna is necessary to observe some precautions. Doctors do not recommend the use of the sauna, if a person has a fever, because being in a hot room, it may take longer.

Some people came out of steam like a dip in the cold pool, or worse, into the icy river, what to do strictly prohibited. After all, such an abrupt change in temperature balance can lead not only to the common cold, but also other diseases, especially people who have heart problems.

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