This Sweet Word – Revenge

According to psychologists, revenge makes people a little happier.

Actions to avenge the people who came with you unfairly or not fair, will be accompanied with pleasant emotions and joy.

Despite the assertions of many psychologists and a sense of the futility of revenge after the devastation, the research of scientists from the University of Kentucky that is in the United States indicates an increase in the body’s “happiness hormones” after revenge. So the phrase “Sweet Revenge” – not just a place to be, but it is also very true and valid.

Hurting people do to you is bad – it is the desire to improve the mood after a possible social exclusion. Always present in humans. Revenge on the people, in addition to getting a good mood will seek ways of revenge for subsequent radostey.Kak conducted research: It has been estimated 156 jobs in the subjects essays essay format, feeling avenge volunteers were written in them, have agreed to the experiment

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