This is Not Recommended to Adhere to a Strict Fast

1012169As usual, the festival takes place on the eve of Advent, which lasts for 40 days.

In many countries, people adhering to the post in the first place cleaned spiritually and naturally limit themselves to the use of food, with animal products completely eliminate, replacing them with plant food.

However, doctors warn that such a drastic change in your diet can adversely affect health, especially those who have decided to fast for the first time. To do this it is best to prepare your body beforehand, first eliminating fatty foods. Then gradually give up fish, eggs and dairy products.

Do not limit yourself to food to persons who have had a variety of diseases, particularly ulcer and diabetes, as well as women who are preparing to become a mother, because all the required vitamins and other amino acids are essential for the development of the child. An exception can be made to people whose hard work, such as loaders, as well as children who have not reached 14 years of age.

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