These Products Should be Consumed as Often as Possible

05121614In order to be healthy, it is not enough sports, as of right balanced diet depends on human activity, because our body needs the full maintenance of all vitamins and minerals.

American scientists, conducting a number of studies, the purpose of which was to identify the most useful products, concluded and made a list, the first place in which occupy tomatoes. Because in this vegetable, among a plurality of vitamins, contains large amounts of fiber and minerals, tomato able to resist the occurrence of a number of cancers.

Second place confidently takes the peppers, in which the content of vitamin C greater than in citrus fruit. Daily use of it helps to improve digestion, metabolism, and it is indispensable for the heart and relieve nervous tension, the more that pepper prevents extra kilos.

Also in the list included berries, especially forest, olive oil, bananas, garlic and pomegranate.

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