The Wells on the Nail Indicates the State of Health

Determine the state of health on different possible symptoms that indicate the presence in the organism of a disease.

It turns out you can do it even claws, or rather on the crescent, which are at the base of the nail.

If a man of great reserve of vital energy, they have had a distinct white color.

In those cases, when they observed a slight redness, then it may indicate cardiovascular diseases. In the absence of the nails such lunes, in the body can take place by processes such as abnormal metabolism, disrupt thyroid and others.

In ancient China, traditional medicine has been used for many centuries, and it is as polish them to detect diabetes, anemia. However, in our time, when the medicine has made great strides and is able to determine the exact diagnosis in the event of any changes in the body, pointing to the likelihood of the disease, it is best to be tested. After all, almost any disease detected in the early stages is treatable.

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