The Use of Potatoes for Medicinal Purposes

The most popular vegetable in the world is the potato, which is used for cooking various dishes, which are a huge variety of recipes.

Besides the fact that it contains nutrients, it can be used as a therapeutic, it is effective particularly for burns.

In such cases it is necessary to rub the potatoes as finely as possible, and putting in a gauze bandage applied to the sore spot, constantly changing content, there will come relief.

Experience shows that when used properly, these compresses on the burn site is not even a trace. Peel potatoes contains in its composition of potassium, which has a positive effect on the heart, so people suffering from heart failure, it is advisable to use it together with the skin.

The juice squeezed from potatoes, is also used for various therapeutic purposes, such as gastritis or gastric ulcer. Drinking the juice for 10 days for half an hour before breakfast, for a short period of time, you can get rid of such diseases. In addition, raw potatoes counteracts the occurrence of cancer.

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