The Unusual Properties of Lungs

25101622Many people think that only the lungs need a person to handle the oxygen flow to the body.

In fact, the internal organ is a multi-faceted and multi-functional, so he obviously has a number of additional functions.

For example, you will be surprised, but the Lungs does not only carry out gas exchange, but also participate in the exchange of fluids. It is generally known that within 24 hours of Lungs in the body receives about 0.5 liters of fluid in normal state, and one liter almost at an elevated temperature.

Furthermore, Lungs and perform a protective function. It is no secret that the air is inhaled from the surrounding environment we often have various additional impurities and pollution. Lungs acts as a filter that cleans the air stream and supplies the body with purified oxygen. Among the other useful properties of Lungs can distinguish blood purification, detoxification organism and so on.

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