The State of the Skin Depends on the Life Style

Often there is a situation where people of the same age look different, and if one is young, others are much older.

The reasons for this condition can be diverse, first of all, it is natural heredity, however, keeping a lifestyle and caring for your appearance also plays a huge role.

It is proved that those people who sleep less than the required time look older than their years, because wrinkles appear early on their face. Skin quality worsens the effect of direct sunlight, if you stay under them for a long time, and also increases the risk of oncology.

Therefore, women who love not only to bask on the sandy shore of the sea, but often visit the solarium, it is worth to be careful that the desire to look beautiful does not turn out bad consequences. The state of the skin is also affected by nutrition, and those people who prefer to eat dairy products, vegetables and fruits do not only improve their appearance, but extend their life years, which can not be said about smokers and drinkers.

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