The Risks of Late Pregnancy

27101623The later the pregnant woman, the worse it is displayed on their own health.

Studies in this area suggests that women who become pregnant relatively late, have a risk of getting a stroke. Not so long ago in the United States it was conducted with a new scientific study of this problem. The results were mixed, as reported by the Indian daily newspaper Deccan Chronicle. A team of scientists has made monitoring data 19146 women who have survived a stroke in 2003-2012 years. All the information they learned in the hospital.

The aim of the long-term study was to examine the risks of late pregnancy. They have taken out a hypothesis: when pregnancy occurs in adulthood strokes. At the preparatory stage, the scientists decided to examine women aged 12 to 55 years. Ordering of the results showed that the risk of getting a stroke during pregnancy or after, after all, is.

The hypothesis was confirmed. That’s what they got in the investigation: nearly 50% of episodes of stroke after the age of 45 years, much less than the age of 24 years. The news website of medicine, health and medical technologies Meddaily – about this news. But not all so simple. Scientists were shocked.

After all, they did not predict that recently became pregnant and gave birth to 24 years old participating strokes occur much more frequently than others: firstly, before, and, secondly, to those who have not had such an opportunity – to have a baby. In middle-aged women the risk increased, while, like the fair sex of subjects in adulthood – they disappeared. Contradictory results indicates that scientists have a lot to work on these problems. After all, the modern world dictates to us new possibilities.

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