The Reasons for Which the Swelling of the Noges Occurs

One of the problems that often occurs in many people is swelling of the legs.

In addition to the fact that puffiness brings a lot of inconvenience to shoes, which becomes tight and difficult to pick up, sometimes it indicates the presence of certain diseases in the body.

Very often the swelling of the legs is manifested when there is a disturbance in the work of the kidneys. In such cases, not only the legs but also the eyelids can swell, and also, dark circles appear under the eyes, but the temperature remains normal and the person does not experience painful sensations. On the appearance of edema can also indicate a malfunction in the heart, with puffiness often appears in the evening.

In addition to the fact that there is a trace on the feet of the elastic band of socks, there may be shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, and also, the person quickly becomes tired. Another cause of edema can be varicose, resulting in the legs appear heaviness, which makes it difficult for normal walking.

In order to avoid this, use salt, liquid as little as possible. It’s better if you drink decoctions of herbs that have diuretic properties, and also make foot baths.

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