The Rate of Consumption of Nuts

Surely all people know that there are a number of useful products that nutritionists recommend eating every day.

One of them are nuts, and it can be as peanuts and walnuts or hazelnuts. These products contain a wide variety of substances capable of improving brain, heart, and also to normalize the circulatory system.

And that’s not to mention the fact that eating nuts, we strengthen your immune system, thus protecting the body from viral and colds.

One thing to remember is the norm, because eating more than 5 walnuts per day, we will make it difficult to stomach, since this is difficult purged processed.

In addition, people who suffer from increased weight, it is necessary to limit the number to 3 units, as they are high-calorie foods. And of course, it is necessary to give up salty nuts that some people like to drink beer, because as any good is not from them, but only harm.

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