The Protein Diet is Dangerous?

15111624The basis of any weight loss process is a high-quality and efficient protein diet.

Indeed, when in the daily diet of proteins prevails over the amount of fats and carbohydrates, it actively helps to burn excess fat and nourish our muscles to their active growth.

However, scientists note that the presence of excessive protein in the diet food and a complete rejection of fat and carbohydrates can have a negative effect on the body. It turned out that protein diet may also have side effects. Employees US Institute proved scientifically that a low carbohydrate content and increased amounts of protein in the diet may also adversely affect the cardiovascular system, as well as foods rich in fat and cholesterol.

For this reason, scientists recommend to use a metered diet so that your daily diet was rich in different sorts of products, as well as trace elements and other beneficial properties.

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