The Products that Replenish the Body with Iron

270920163For normal operation of our body there is a need to fill it with minerals and vitamins. One such micronutrient is iron, from a lack of which, there is a variety of different diseases, as it plays an important role in the formation of the blood and increases hemoglobin.

To the body there is enough iron necessary, as often as possible to use the products in which it is contained. It’s enough to include dishes in his menu, made with lamb, veal, and liver, but we want to warn, the daily consumption of the liver also negatively affects health because it accumulates toxic substances. Therefore, the liver should appear on your desktop, not more than once a week.

No less useful seafood, preference should be given to which cod fish species, as well as the use of quail and chicken eggs.

Among vegetable products, a high content of iron marked walnuts, buckwheat, wild rose and vegetables.

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