The Products that are Harmful to Skin Autumn

21101621In the autumn period, our skin lacks exposure to the sun, therefore, it is in a state of stress.

In addition, many of us further cause damage to your epidermis when consumed certain foods or do not saturate your body with vitamins.

Doctors have called the series of products, which adversely affect the condition of your skin in the autumn. For example, a healthy product like milk, you need to drink in the autumn in a limited number. It turns out that the milk affects the functioning hypodermic glands and can cause skin dryness

This also applies to coffee and tea. These drinks are very useful, but in the autumn, when the body is under stress, it is best to reduce the consumption of coffee and tea. These drinks provoke the body to the hormone called cortisol. This hormone is capable of amplifying within various inflammatory processes in the skin, so it is best to minimize the amount drunk tea or coffee cups daily.

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