The Products in Which Calcium More Than in Milk

If the body lacks calcium, then it affects the operation of the entire musculoskeletal system.

At the same time, for children and adolescents, it is necessary to develop a bone system, but for middle-aged and elderly people it is necessary to strengthen bones to avoid various diseases, as well as frequent fractures.

Among the food products in which this mineral is present, is dairy products, however, not all people have the body is able to absorb it. Experts say that there are other foods high in calcium, some of which are more than milk, such as broccoli, which also contains a number of vitamins that prevent the aging process and prolong life.

The same goes for greens, especially spinach, which, in addition to calcium, contains magnesium and potassium, which improve the functioning of the heart system. This list also includes wheat bran, almond and sesame. It is proved that those people who inject these products into their diet are much less likely to suffer from colds.

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