The overabundance of vitamins negative impact on health

0810168We all know that for the normal operation of our body, we need vitamins that boost the immune system and counteract the development of various diseases.

Some believe that the more we use the vitamins, the better we strengthen our body. But, as it turned out, this is not the correct view.

Scientists for 10 years conducted a study which found that those people who have to provide your body with vitamins daily intake of fruits and vegetables, and in addition to this, taking vitamin tablets instead of good, harmed.

We know that those who adhere to a healthy diet in the diet are foods that contain large amounts of vitamins, less likely to suffer from cancer, but in the case of a surplus of vitamins in the body, the risk of cancer increases.

The result of these studies is that no vitamin supplements will never replace natural products, which, when properly used, enough of all the necessary elements for the normal functioning of the human organism.

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