The more dangerous conversations during meals

30091630Doctors recommend to refrain from talking during food intake.

On this they have a pretty good reason. It turns out that when you eat food, chew it and swallow, along with pieces of food in the body gets a certain portion of air. Moreover, this air is immediately in the stomach and leads to various negative consequences.

Experts say that when you talk and eat at the same time, that with every sip you in the stomach gets about 3 ml of air. If you have the perfect condition of the digestive system, in this case, you can not chew on the consequences. However, if you have certain problems with digestion, the excess air may have a detrimental effect on the process.

For example, very often because of his body produces a large accumulation of gases, which prevents the normal operation of the peristaltic systems and rectum. It is also very often a flatulence – an imbalance of Education and exhaust gases in the body.


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