The Means to Restore and Rejuvenate the Skin

26101624Do many people know what a “collagen”? And this is just a substance capable of filling the void between the organs and muscle fibers.

Its location is the ligaments and tendons that are located in the extracellular space, and skin cells.

Academics proved when a person comes to old age, collagen loses moisture, it can be seen clearly on the wrinkles on the face.

Also this substance is quite common in the cosmetic activity, due to good water binding in the epidermis to prevent moisture loss. Thirty times water absorption than your weight is very conducive to high-quality moisture. To use the skin collagen leads to its firmness and elasticity noticeable, due to its characteristics. Collagen molecules are, in fact, and indeed resemble some semblance of springs (structural strands twisted into a spiral). A very significant advantage is its ability to restore skin cells that are accelerated when the surface of the skin.

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