The Main Reasons for Poor Sleep

Doctors have long been established for a person sleep rate, which is equal to 8 hours, it was for a time the body has time to relax, gain strength and energy for the whole day ahead.

It is also proved that a lack of sleep and an excess of sleep has a negative impact on health. However, not all and not always possible to adhere to this rule, and it is not in the lack of time, but some people suffer from insomnia.

The reason for this may be, for example, nerve strain for a day, whereby a person can sleep long, and many others, but there are also some bad habits, poor sleep contribute.

One of these is the use of caffeine in the afternoon, and it is worth noting that in addition to coffee, it is found in tea, chocolate and other products.

Many people find that a glass of wine drunk before going to sleep, contributes to the rapid fall asleep and sound sleep, but this is a misconception.

Also, do not stay up late watching television or a computer, otherwise, the information obtained under the impression you will be difficult to sleep.

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