The Main Advantages of the Low Men

26101621Judge for yourself: more comfortable kissing, more eye contact, as well as much easier to whisper in your ear all sorts of amenities.

1. You do not need to stand on tiptoes, stretch all the muscles of the neck for a man to kiss.

2. With such a man you will feel the smallest model in the heels or no heels.

3. Most likely, your man is Napoleon syndrome. It is believed that stunted people try to compensate for their own, in their opinion, the lack of something else. So if your man field to compensate for the chosen bed – you are very lucky!

4. Also in the bed, you will have enough space for myself. You can not come up with nothing better than spinning and tossing and turning in his sleep, without worrying about what not to please your loved on foot or in a different place, much more important.

5. You will never irritate his stupid jokes about your short, even if its growth is far from the model standards. He never puzzle you sarcastic question: “Hey, how’s the weather down there?” and will look at you from the top down. But you do not do so, if that.

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