The Level of Alcohol in the Blood Can be Measured by Tattoo

20101623Many drivers are often faced with the problem – they drank alcohol last night, but do not believe that the current level of its concentration in the blood corresponds to the permissible norm. Naturally, in this regard, most of them refuse to travel at the wheel and use a taxi.

However, the newest invention of American scientists can simplify their solution to this problem ..

Employees of the Institute of Biomedical US created a special controller that can instantly measure the blood alcohol level and provide relevant evidence. This sensor is a specific label in the form of tattoos, which have temporarily stick on the hand.

In the middle of the sticker are specialized electrical sensors that are in contact with the skin can set the level of alcohol content in the blood and give the testimony. The device can be connected with a special application on the smartphone and real-time tracking of what level of alcohol is currently found in your blood.

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