The Law to Ban Smoking in Public Places, Gives a Positive Result

11101613It is well known that one of the causes of a large variety of diseases is smoking. Smokers harm not only your body, but also the smoke from their cigarettes adversely affects the others, especially children. Therefore, many countries have laws that prohibit smoking in public places.

According to the conclusions made by the American scientists who conducted the study for 5 years, it was reported that in the cities, where there was a strict ban on smoking in public places, the number of people who quit smoking, increased. Among them, a greater number are men who are accustomed to smoking in cafes and restaurants, and after the ban, abandoned this habit.

Despite these figures, many doctors say that no restrictions will not cause a person to stop smoking, if he does not wish to. Even those individuals who go to extreme measures, such as the coding of nicotine addiction, do not always achieve a positive result.

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