The Lack of Salt in the Body Also Harm

For several years, nutritionists say that salt is harmful to health, since its use in large quantities have a negative effect on the heart and kidneys, and also increases the pressure.

But, despite all of its negative qualities, salt is essential for our body, provided that use it in moderation.

American scientists found out that a lack of sodium in the body can cause an increase in cholesterol and negatively affect the stability of the nervous system. Moreover, the lack of the product can cause swelling and cramps. Some people try to eat right, sometimes completely eliminating salt from your diet. However, they do not realize the changes in their body can experience, and it is constantly feeling tired, loss of appetite.

However, we should not forget that it is contained in many foods, especially its large concentration of smoked sausage, salted fish, and others. In addition, the salt used for food, some women use it for domestic use.

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