The Ideal Time for Breakfast

050920161At what time is best to carry out the first meal? Most of us individually set the most appropriate time limits, focusing on their own life rhythm and schedule. However, British scientists have recently tried to find out the best time for breakfast.

Not secret that breakfast is the most valuable to the human body in terms of the consumption of nutrients and trace elements. That’s why correctly chosen time breakfast can be called one of the most important foundations that help support your body in optimal condition.

Now, recent research in this area is confirmed by the fact that the most ideal time for your first breakfast – a 1 hour after you wake up. If you eat earlier or later than this time stamp, the body at the moment consumes significantly less beneficial nutrients and energy content of the products essentially lost. According to the poll, the right breakfast no more than 30% of respondents.

What foods are perfect for breakfast?

Doctors say that breakfast is one of the most important meals, which gives energy to our body for the whole day. That is why breakfast needs to be given special attention and correctly composes its morning menu. According to many experts, the best start of the day are cereals with milk, green tea or grain coffee. You can add a toast with bacon or a boiled egg, as well as yogurt or nuts. Depending on your diet in the morning, the rate of metabolism, the energy level of your body and many other important factors depend on it. Pay attention to this when you prepare your first meal tomorrow.
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