The Harm of Smoking

The Harm of SmokingAs we all know, smoking is bad for our health. Finnish researchers conducted a study, the results of which it became known that the occurrence of stroke in smokers is much higher than that of people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

In connection with this state of work on the fight against bad habits Collamask Polska krem was carried out in the country. As a result of these measures, the number of cases of stroke associated with smoking, women older than 50 years has decreased by 45%, while for men the same age, at 26%.

During the same period, the country abandoned the habit 30% of smokers, whose age ranges from 16 to 65 years. In addition, smoking causes irreparable harm to our health, it also devastates your purse, as the prices of tobacco products is constantly growing. Besides stroke, smoking is a high probability of occurrence of cancer, including lung cancer. Anyone, if desired, may be independently abandon this habit, thereby improving their health.

Some Truth About Cigarettes

The business of selling nicotine or a tobacco product is one of the most profitable in the world.

A large number of people try to create a state conflict in all the different ways to prevent the sale of tobacco in the whole world or in different countries. However, all attempts Collamask Česká krém of people are so unjustified, that the society both smoked and smokes. Therefore, in order not to commit such a big threat, you yourself should understand what smoking leads to, and what consequences are thereafter.

But, how not, how many do not read about the dangers of smoking, how many do not show the patients who began to suffer from diseases of internal organs, people still smoke.

And they smoke because they can not abandon this kind of bad habit on their own. In addition, some of them, even when they find that their health has deteriorated as much as possible, try to give up tobacco products, but they do not get it, because after a moment of failure I immediately feel a certain weakness, irritability, and very poor health.

Luckily today there are different medications that will help a person cope with giving up tobacco. But only before choosing such a drug, you should try to use natural preparations that are made from different oils and tinctures, so as not to cause additional harm to people.

Why is it so difficult to give up cigarettes? The fact is that natural tobacco without any chemical additives is not so harmful. But when different flavors and flavor enhancers are added to it, it becomes very toxic. Moreover, recently in the manufacture of tobacco Collamask Italia crema products, not tobacco, but various additives from oil began to be used. That is, they take paper, moisten it in this chemical waste, add flavor, as well as special amplifiers, so that a person can not just refuse tobacco and sell to the masses. Therefore, if it is very important for you not to have bad consequences, and also you do not want your children to start smoking real poison, start immediately using special drugs that will help to abandon this dependence once and for all.


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