The Harm of Palm Oil

2708201613Nowadays, many manufacturers of food products, in the pursuit of quick profits, palm oil is used instead of vegetable fats.
This addition, which we consume every day, along with confectionery and other products, not even knowing about its presence causes great harm to our body. Palm oil our clog blood vessels, which El-Macho къде да се купуват в България leads to various types of cancer. Such a product is equal to the toxic substances in slow motion, because its toxins affect our bodies for a long time.

Recently, some manufacturers who care about the health of future generations, waive the application of palm oil, replacing it with sunflower oil. About their health people need to take care of themselves, so buying the products, you need to carefully study the composition of the ingredients from which they are made.

Some manufacturers do not indicate the presence of palm oil, replacing it in the title, as a confectionery fat.

Palm Oil And Chips

Probably, each of you at least once, but tried what is the potato, which is roasted in boiling oil. Naturally, after he was cooked there, that is, potatoes, then a lot of different additional flavor additives are added to him to cause the person to enjoy the chips consumed.

In addition, every cooked gdzie kupić Go2 Antitox Polska potato chips necessarily have flavor enhancers in their packaging to make you eat more than one pack of chips, and a lot.

As a result, a person will spend their money to buy another pack, but a larger one. Oh, most importantly, the chips are made from peeled potatoes, which are cut into the smallest dove comprare Go2 Antitox Italia pieces, and then all this is put in boiling oil. That’s just one question, what kind of butter? Most people had to guess that it was palm oil. It is this oil that is used to make all your favorite potato chips, which are so nice to use together with beer.

Let’s try to understand why the producers fry on palm oil instead of sunflower oil? And no matter how trite it sounds, it’s all because palm oil is 5 or 6 times cheaper than sunflower oil. And this banal El-Macho hol vásárolnak Magyarországon economy of the manufacturer, in order to maximize profit.

So, the global problem of palm oil lies in its non-digestibility by our body, as well as the content in it of a substance such as stearin, which melts at a temperature above 47 degrees. Accordingly, this substance is not excreted at all from the body, and its gradual accumulation leads to clotting of the vessels, the release of free radicals, and also to become an excellent soil for the nutrition of cancer cells. It is for this reason, if you still can not El-Macho Liechtenstein stop using this product, then you should understand that chips are a poison of delayed action. With each piece of this treat, a stearin accumulates in the human body, which gradually will work in our body, like a time bomb. So if you really want chips, just pour a little oil in the pan, cut the potatoes into thin slices and fry your natural chips.


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