The Habit Of Long Sleep On Weekends Is Harmful

29081611Waking up early in the morning to work all 5 days a week, on Saturday and Sunday, many people have the habit of sleeping longer.

Thus they believe that give the body a chance to rest and recover after hard work. However, the latest results of scientific research in the industry refutes this hypothesis. German experts from the University of Munich proved that the habit of long sleep on weekends have a negative effect on the body.

It turns out that an increase in sleep duration of 2 times a week is perceived by the body as an additional stress and causes increased power consumption.

According to the preliminary data, exceeded Maxi Size Ελλάδα αύξηση του πέους the normal duration of sleep about 2-3 hours a day is comparable with the flight on a plane to a different time zone. For this reason, the body begins to transform actively to work in a stressful time and can gain weight.

Experts note that the greater the difference between the duration of sleep during the week and on weekends, the faster you gain weight.

Sleep Can Also Be Superfluous

To find out the true reason for the excess weight set, it’s best to go to the doctor and take certain tests that will show the true picture of your body from the inside.

But the fact that a dream on the weekend, which each of us loves to independently prolong for several hours more, remains irrefutable evidence Maxisize कीमत इंडिया of how little we have information about our body and the methods of its work. Scientists can not understand why these two or three additional hours of rest are perceived as stress and that this can lead to a state other than a set of excess weight.

It turns out that according to the latest data it turned out Maxisize price India that not only kilograms are added from such a sleep on weekends, but the cardiovascular system in the human body begins to suffer.

The fact is that our body is accustomed to working on a regime that we arrange for it and immediately after some kind of malfunction, it is trying to rebuild in a new way, but does not have time, as we again wake up on Monday the way he knew this before.

Thus, the heart and blood vessels work with a failure in the schedule, which can significantly affect the perception of reality on weekends. After all, very often, instead of feeling Maxi Size France l’agrandissement du pénis sleepy and vigorous, a person realizes that he needs to rest again. Fatigue does not come because of heavy and prolonged work, but because the heart, and especially the vessels, cease to function properly.

Quite often it is the excess of the amount of sleep time that can significantly change the health for the worse, if at the same time, a person does not begin to take any measures. It is always necessary to monitor the regime that is set for your body for five working days and not leave it at the weekend, as if you Maxi Size España el aumento del pene do not want to sleep longer. It will be much easier for an organism to stand up as usual, than to deal with additional stress to the subject at a time when a person is supposedly enjoying rest. In fact, it is a deceptive feeling that can deceive any person.


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