The Following Year Financing The Czech Army Will Be Increased

0108169Each state should take care of raising the combat training of the army, and this requires adequate funding.

In recent years, the international situation worsened, so you need to have a strong and equipped Fito Spray Northern Ireland with modern weapons the army to protect the borders of their country.

NATO leadership makes demands on all States parties of the alliance, that the maintenance of the army to devote at least 2% of GDP.

Currently in the Czech Republic defense is allocated half. The following year, the army Fito Spray dónde comprar en España of the state budget will allocate 52.5 billion kroons, which is held the agreement between the ministers of defense and finance.

Increasing the allocation of funds for the defense of the Czech state are scheduled each year, by 2020 this figure will be 1.4% of gross domestic product. The money needed for the modernization, as some samples of military equipment are outdated and need to be replaced.

Czech Ministry of Defense plans to buy new radars, helicopters and armored personnel carriers.

Strong Army In The Czech Republic

At first glance, it may seem that an increase in financial spending on the defense industry and the army is unjustified.

To date, the Czech Republic does not take part in any conflicts and has no problems with encroachment on its territory. Nevertheless, in the last few years, the situation in Europe and around the world has significantly worsened. Even if we consider recent events in the East, we can conclude that the only real way to maintain the country’s defense Fito Spray dove acquistare in Italia capability is to strengthen its military capabilities. Over the past few years, funding for the Czech Army has increased significantly. This allows not only to increase the level of military training, but also to provide good equipment, weapons and equipment.

Also an important factor is the conditions of being in NATO. It is quite obvious that not every state that is part of the alliance can spend the army. But for the Czech Republic it is quite possible, therefore, most Czech politicians today are actively Fito Spray în cazul în care pentru a cumpăra în România initiating bills designed to increase the costs for the army.

In 2018, the country’s leadership plans to carry out large-scale reforms in the sphere of the country’s defense capability. First of all, it is planned to replace most types of military equipment, because most of the existing models are technically obsolete and can no longer compete in modern conditions. In addition, it is planned to raise the salaries of the military to make the service in the army more attractive for young people who want Fito Spray Lietuva kur nusipirkti Lietuvoje to defend their country. There is no doubt that against the background of increased funding, the military potential of the Czech Republic will noticeably increase and this will help make NATO an even stronger defense system for the whole of Europe.

According to the Czech military, today there is a need to purchase helicopters, geolocation systems, thermal imagers and other special devices that are vital for any modern army. If everything conceived is being successfully implemented, in a year the Czech Republic will receive an updated and modernized army.


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