The Factors of Dry Eye Syndrome

131120165Dry eye syndrome – a very common problem of modern people, oosbenno those who work in the office in front of computers.

Additional factors that affect the ocular membrane and contribute to the development of dry eye syndrome:

– Prolonged stay at the computer monitor, prolonged reading or being in front of the TV screen resulting in eyestrain. It reduces the frequency of blinking, which leads to less formation of tear fluid necessary for the natural moisture of the eyeball;
– A long stay in the room with included heaters, radiators, air conditioning, work which results in air drying;
–  Drugs causing vasoconstrictive effects, oral contraceptives, antidepressants may reduce the tear gland secretions;
– A dusty ambient air with a large admixture of chemical elements, windy weather provoke drying of mucous layers of the eye;
– Directed to face the fans, use a hair dryer and have a negative effect on the membrane of the eye;
– The use of contact lenses, age modifications exocrine glands, including lacrimal contribute to dry eye.

Protect your eyes, because they are one of the most important faceted.

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