The Effects of Vegetarianism in Women and Children

In all European countries, vegetarianism is gaining in popularity, which, according to most nutritionists, is good for health, because such people rarely gain extra pounds, and it is from obesity that many diseases appear.

However, there are people who deny themselves not only in the use of meat products, but also from all food of animal origin, even from milk and eggs.

This category of people is called vegans and, according to experts, this way of life is not always useful.

The fact that they have in the body is not enough vitamin B12, which is responsible for the work of the brain. Scientists from Norway for a long time carried out research, which resulted in the fact that the mothers who adhered to veganism, the children significantly lagged behind in their academic records from their peers.

The reason for this is that in the milk of the nursing mother there was an insufficient amount of vitamin B12. Therefore, before switching to vegetarian food, it is necessary to consult specialists so that instead of doing good, do not harm not only your health, but your children.

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