The Diet in the Morning

Some people who are paying enough attention to not only their health, but also the figure, try to eat only healthy foods.

It has recently become a popular drinking orange juice at breakfast time, as in its composition contains a lot of vitamins.

Naturally it is very useful, but only if you drink it no earlier than half an hour after a meal, or in the stomach may be the fermentation process. In general, any juice from the high concentration, it is advisable to dilute with clean water. Muesli, which is very popular with the children, in its composition contain useful products, but at the time of their production uses a lot of sugar and fat, so better to prepare a mixture of cereal with fruit at home.

Still, breakfast better serve porridge, which will provide you with energy for the whole day. Scientists have learned that the food eaten should not immediately drink, so drink tea or coffee should be some time later.

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