The Desire to Engage in Sports Appears at the Gene Level

10111622Hypotheses that love of sports laid a person at a genetic level discussed in the scientific community for a long time.

However, only recently received such assumptions prove real. In particular, Professor of Dishman American University presented the results of their own research on this topic. The Dishman conducted a series of scientific experiments in experimental mice, and later on a group of volunteers over the past few years.

The studies failed to prove scientifically that passion to the sport it appears in humans not only through constant training, but also by the characteristics of DNA. Genetic predisposition to sports is from about 20% to 60%. It turns out that the desire to engage in training the child appears only in the case when the parents also have a certain propensity to this.

Of course, this issue is still very much unsaid-making, but the professor says it will continue to work towards the study of this problem in the future.

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